The In-Patient Admissions Register and Records of the Dorset County Hospital, Dorchester for 17th April 1850 show the admission of 38-year-old Sarah Miller, a Labourer’s Wife. The record suggests that Sarah lived in Stratton.

The Sherborne Mercury newspaper of the 23rd April 1850 reported that there was a “SHOCKING ACCIDENT. A poor woman named Sarah Miller, in the employ of Mr. Cox, at Muckleford, whilst attending a thrashing machine, on Wednesday afternoon, unfortunately slipped down, and one of her feet was caught between the beaters. The foot was completely torn off, and the leg was shockingly splintered as far as the knee. The unfortunate woman was immediately removed to the hospital, where the limb was amputated.”

Whilst at the hospital, Sarah was under the care of Mr. Tapp who recorded that there was ‘extensive laceration of the right leg, requiring amputation.’

Sarah remained in hospital until her discharge on 29th June 1850.

On 4th July 1850 she was due to see Mr. Tapp at the hospital as an out-patient. She had complained of ‘tenderness of the amputated stump’ but did not keep the appointment.

Seventeen months later, on 1st January 1852, Sarah attended the Dorset County Hospital as an out-patient, in order that the exfoliation of bone from the leg stump could be undertaken. This was carried out successfully and she was finally discharged by Mr. Tapp in October 1852.

There is some doubt as to whether Sarah lived in Stratton. The 1851 census shows her with her husband, James Miller and their daughter and three sons resident in Muckleford, which is in the parish of Bradford Peverell. Mr. Cox, in whose employ she was at the time of the accident was a Farmer employing five Labourers on his 170 acre farm. He lived in Muckleford too.

However, Sarah and James’ daughter, Marina Miller was born in Stratton in 1855 and she was baptised at St. Mary’s Church, Stratton on 30th March 1856. Rev. Charles Tucker who officiated that day recorded the Millers’ abode as ‘Stratton’.

Sarah died in early 1876 at the age of 52 years, and was buried on 11th March 1876 at St. George’s Church, Fordington.