Grimstone & Frampton Railway Station c1950.
Lewis Downton at the Stratton & Grimstone Horticultural Club Annual Show.
Thought to be September 1955.
Annie Lloyd's photo showing Viaduct Cottage at Grimstone where she lived from 1955 until 1963.
The Cattistock Hunt meeting in front of the Bull Inn sometime before 1957
The Cattistock Hunt outside the Bull Inn
  Bull Inn  
  Bull Inn - provided by Derek Davis  
Children's Christmas Party in the old Stratton Village Hall.
Peter Hallett suggests that Father Christmas is actually Frank Dorman, licencee of the Royal Yeoman in Grimstone.
The lady holding the little girl on the right of the photo is thought to be Mrs Christopher.
The litle girl is believed to be her daughter, Diane.
The girl on the far right (next to Diane) is thought to be Margaret Atkins.
Children's Christmas Party in the old Stratton Village Hall.
Bradford Peverell & Stratton Railway Station.
Sometime between 1959 and 1968.
St Mary's Church, Stratton - provided by Chris Boulton
Florence Jane Hansford (nee Osmond) & Bert Hansford.
Florence was born in Stratton on 18th June 1888.
Bert was born in 1881.
They were married in St Mary's Church, Stratton on 30th May 1911.
This photo was taken on the occasion of their golden wedding in 1961.
Wendy Buglar, Christine Halford, Annie Dunford, ?, ? at the 1964 Summer Fayre at Wrackleford House
A tanker on the narrow A37 which ran through the village. A bypass was built in 1969
Old Village Hall, Stratton - after February 1971 and before 1984
Sale in the old Village Hall.
Deborah Owen (left) makes a purchase from May Osmond (right).
May lived in "May's Cottage" at the eastern end of Dorchester Road, Stratton.
Sale in the old Village Hall.
Sylvia Butcher is the customer talking to May Osmond in the background.
Joan Shulke wearing a jumper and glasses is in the centre of the photo.
Bill Putnam is bending over looking at the handicrafts.
Sale in the old Village Hall.
Marjorie Andrews (left) talking to May Osmond (right).
Sale in the old Village Hall.
The lady in the centre of the photo is Mary Pope.
The man with the grey hair and open neck shirt (behind and to the left of Mary Pope) may be Eddie Reed.
To the left of the photo - the lady with the glasses looking down is Rose Buglar.
Sale in the old Village Hall.
The lady with the white hair and cardigan is Mary Haynes.
Philip Toogood wearing the spectacles can be seen above Mary Haynes.
The girl on the left of the picture is Jenny Hawthorn.
The girl in the centre of the photo is Victoria Hodges.
Sale in the old Village Hall.
Mary Pope with her handbag and shopping bag.
At the back, facing is Peter Sale with Philip Toogood and Martha Hallett.
Sale in the old Village Hall.
Sale in the old Village Hall.
Mill Lane showing Church Farm House
Churchyard and neighbouring gardens
Harvest Supper in the Village Hall 1974
Peter Hallett is back row, fifth in from the right.
Evelyn Hallet, his wife, is next to him - fourth from the right.
Next to Evelyn - third from the right - is Margaret Sawyer,
Mike Bowman - with hands clasped - is in the bottom-right corner of the photo.
Bottom left: The man with grey hair is Eddie Kelly. To his right is his wife.
Dorchester Road looking east
Dorchester Road looking east - 1978
Dorchester Road looking east
Stratton Mill with Stratton beyond - 1978
A Dorset Echo photo from Friday 8th December 1980
The Dorset Echo reported that, "The Village Hall Committee at Stratton threw a party last week to celebrate the completion of the second stage of a hall improvement programme that cost them over £5,600. The 82-year-old hall has been given a new roof costing around £3,000, the ceiling lowered to save on heating costs and four new fan heaters fitted. This follows earlier improvements which included the provision of modern kitchen facilities.

At the party which followed the annual meeting of the hall committee were people who have assisted in the improvement programme. They are pictured [above]. (L to R): Geoffrey David, Chairman of Stratton Parish Council; Christopher Pope, Chairman of Stratton Village Hall; Lord & Lady Digby, County & District Councillors for the parish; Philip Toogood, Secretary of Stratton Village Hall."
Albany in about 1984
Plague Cottage - Dorchester Road looking west
Plague Cottage originally built in the 17th century, photographed in 1984. It is now re-named Furber's Croft
  Barn in Stratton about 1984  
  The Rectory about 1984  
  Bull Inn about 1984  
  Carpenter's Close about 1984  
Photo from the Dorset Echo of Friday 30th May 1986. Provided by Joan Shulke.

Stratton Village Hall Committee were presented with a seat by the Stratton, Grimstone & District Home & Garden Club during their annual show. The presentation was made by past President of the club, Mary Pope to the Chairman of the Village Hall Committee, Christopher Pope.

Standing (L to R): Archie Cameron, the Home & Garden Club Treasurer; Christopher Pope, Chairman of the Hall Committee; Nancy Swabey, the Home & Garden Club Chairman.

Sitting (L to R): Eddie Kelly, Vice-President and founder member of the Home & Garden Club; Mary Pope, past President of the Home & Garden Club; Christine Fost, founder member of the Home & Garden Club; Marjorie Andrews, retiring Home & Garden Club Secretary.

The Row and Albany
The Row and Albany - Provided by Derek Davis
The Bull Inn - boarded up - probably about 1988
Farm Sheds - probably about 1988
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