Looking North in Mill Lane - provided by Chris Boulton
St Mary's Church, Stratton

Looking East along Dorchester Road - provided by Chris Boulton
Mill Lane Bridge looking west towards St Mary's Church before its renovation in 1891
Tea at the Manor House - provided by Chris Boulton
Children at St. Mary's Church Gate
The Bull Public House in about 1895 before a fire razad it to the ground
Looking West along Dorchester Road - provided by Chris Boulton
The Royal Yeoman public house in Grimstone in about 1910
Looking East along Dorchester Road, Stratton
Stratton Cricket Team 1911
St Mary's Church and the War Memorial
Local Defence Volunteers in front of the Manor House in 1915
Procession commemorating George VI's coronationin 1937 passing cottages to the east of the Bull Inn
Remembrance Service at War Memorial 1937
Gran Hodges
Brian Downton tells us that the man on the right was his uncle, Lewis Downton
who lived in the farmhouse roughly where the Saxon Arms public house is now.
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