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Even the dull and drizzling day did not stop 17 people coming along to play and help in the Stratton Boules Championships. A big "Thankyou” to you all in continuing to make this a success. Fuelled by tea, coffee, sandwiches and biscuits (and three disappearing off for a quick cuppa and cake in the Church), the competition showed up some excellent boules skills obviously honed during the afternoon and evening sessions this year.

After the seven teams had played three times, the final was played between “Carpenter's Bottom”, the girls’ team of Sue Aylott and Jan Wells, and “Don’t Mind”, the boys' team of John Cherry and Chris Dunn. The winner being the first to ten, it was a tense, nail-biting final with the score see-sawing between them. At 9-6 to the girls, and the first team to reach 10 points to win, they were only one point away from the gold medal. However, the boys, as incredible as it seemed, overtook them with the last couple of throws to win 10-9! A great final! Jasmine was awarded the Junior Medal, throwing some fine boules.

Play continues into September, so come and join in the fun and laughs.