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November 2013

Stratton resident Malcom Wilson has written an open letter to fellow residents in the December/January edition of the benefice magazine 'The Chalk Stream'. It reads:

"Having recently become a dog owner (again) in the village, I am compelled to put pen to paper regarding the irresponsible owners who do not pick up their dog's mess. In particular, the village green and playing field are of greatest concern. Some owners would appear to be allowing the green to be used as a dog toilet.

You know who you are and we know who you are as well!

If you see owners not picking up I would ask you to remind them that they have an obligation to do so.

I believe that the green and playing field are very special areas within the village and deserve the utmost consideration by all groups but especially from dog owners.

Dog owners may not be aware that many villagers would be very happy to see the green become a no dog area if you continue not to 'pick up'.

As a dog owner you will know your dog's toilet habits, do not make straight for the village green, we are surrounded by incredible countryside in Stratton. Go see it!!

Finally, I would ask all dog owners. If you see any dog faeces on the village green why not pick it up and dispose of it? Yes, I know it's not your darling's faeces and it's cold but is there really any difference? NO."

Another Stratton resident, Tracy Hughes also commented in print in the same magazine. She wrote:

"Signs on all 4 corners of the Village Green in Stratton indicate that owners should not allow their dogs to foul the Green - even picking up after your dog does not remove every trace and contaminates the ground. Remember that children play and roll around on the grass in all weathers."

Colin Jackson at the Stratton website strongly agrees that the Village Green and the Playing Field should be kept clean and free of dog faeces. Neither area should be used as a dog toilet. What do you think?

Do you support Malcolm Wilson unreservedly?

Should responsible dog owners be expected to 'pick up' after irresponsible owners?

Should dog owners take their pets to the 'incredible countryside' surrounding Stratton as an alternative to the Village Green and Playing Field? Many responsible owners already do walk their dogs on the local footpaths and bridleways. They also remove all traces of their pet having been there.

Should Stratton residents, whether dog owners or not, be asked to challenge irresponsible dog owners and remind them of their obligations?

If the offending owners are known, should they be reported to the WDDC Dog Warden in order that official action can be taken?

Should dogs be banned from the Village Green altogether?

What DO you think? It's important that you have your say.

Let us know by emailing

Alan Luther contacted the website via Twitter to say: "Not a dog owner but if you ban dogs on the green what happens during dog show at village fete?"

In response to Alan Luther's question, Tracy Hughes emailed the Stratton website to say
: ". . if dogs were were banned [from the Village Green] it would affect the dog show at the fayre. I should like to point out that the Parish Council were very mindful of this when the decision was originally made to discourage dog fouling on the Green. It was recognised that it would be practically impossible to enforce a complete dog ban on the Green - and the Playing Field for that matter - and so the compromise was reached."
Stephanie Fooks, West Dorset District Council Dog Warden, contacted the website on Friday 6th December 2013. She explained that systems are in place to enable her to deal with dog fouling and asks that anyone who has information about specific irresponsible dog owners, contact her with the details. Stephanie does not need to be inundated with calls and messages advising her that dog fouling is taking place, but she would like to know who it is that is causing the problem. As she said, "I can help you, if you help me." This puts the onus on Stratton residents who have information about irresponsible dog owners. An online form enabling details to be passed to the Dog Warden can be found HERE