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Compiled by Colin Jackson

Tuesday 28th April 2015 saw 36 people visit Stratton Village Hall for a meeting organised by village residents Gill Vingoe and Isobel Wiggins to discuss ways of controlling dog fouling in public places.

First, a ‘Thank You’ from Gill and Isobel.

“On Tuesday 28th April we organised a short meeting to look at the issue of dog fouling in Stratton.

We were pleased that 36 residents attended the meeting and that after the introduction and a short talk from the Dorset County Council Dog Warden we had positive and open discussions.

There were no easy answers but a couple of positive suggestions will be put to Stratton Parish Council for consideration.

Once again ‘thank you’ to everyone who supported this meeting. Your input was appreciated.”

The following notes have been collated from comments made by several different local people who attended the meeting.

Several members of Stratton Parish Council (both outgoing councillors and those taking their seats after 7th May - the date the new council comes into being) were present to hear the views of those who spoke.

The Dog Warden brought with him a number of useful pieces of advice for all dog owners including a reminder that the practice by some people of bagging dog waste on the outward leg of a walk intending to collect the same bag on the return journey is an offence that could attract a £1,000 fine; and the answer to the question of what to do if council-owned waste bins are full to overflowing, which is to take the bag home and dispose of it there.

The idea of introducing posters in the parish highlighting the fouling problem received a mixed reception. Whilst those in favour thought posters might remind dog owners of their responsibilities, those against did not want posters appearing on posts, trees and fences.

There was a degree of general conversation that took place between those in attendance. Many felt disappointed that no-one could identify the dog owners responsible for the problem. Some at the meeting were of the opinion that the problem increased during school holiday periods. Others suggested that the matter was being exaggerated.

By the conclusion of the meeting many matters connected with dogs had been aired but no resolutions as to how to go about overcoming the problems or how to educate those less-responsible dog owners, who were probably not at the meeting, had been decided.

Since the date of the meeting it has been suggested to the website that it should carry a link to the helpful Dorset County Council Dorset Dogs website listing information on how to deal with dog waste.

The Keep Britain Tidy website provides information on the health and legal aspects of the subject.