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The Vegetable Trophy

First: Dave Eavis

Joint Second: Chris David and David Downton

Third: Jenny Hills

Certificate of Merit: David Downton

The Ruby Schmidt Cup for the best vegetable exhibit

Dave Eavis

The Fruit Trophy

First: Sue Cumming

Second: Fred Penhaligon

Third: Chris David

The Wyevale Cup for cut flowers

First: Dave Eavis

Second: Sue Cumming

Joint Third: Chris David, Kips Eaton and Penny Fenwick

The Rosebowl for the best rose exhibit

Chris David

The Pot Plant Trophy

First: Richard Evans

Joint Second: Chris David, Jenny Hills, Barry Hills and Peter Westrip

Joint Third: Vanessa Evans and Sue Cumming

The Eddie Kelly Cup for the best pot plant

Chris David

The Floral Art Trophy

First: Carol Eavis

Second: Margaret Shute

Joint Third: Vanessa Evans and David Downton

Certificate of Merit: Carol Eavis

The Handicraft Cup

Joint First: Kate O’Donnell and Karen Boulton

Second: June Gale

Third: Vanessa Evans

Certificate of Merit: Karen Boulton

The Photography Shield

First: Jenny Hunt

Second: Tom Balchin

Third: Karen Boulton

The Pat Cameron Cup for cookery

Joint First: Chris David and Vanessa Evans

Joint Second: Anne Sherratt and Delphine Etches

Joint Third: Penny Wilson and Kips Eaton

The Men Only cup for Class 86

First: Barry Hills

Second: Peter Hallett

Third: Mike Elliott

Certificate of Merit: Barry Hills

The Beverage Cup

First: Karen Boulton

Second: Colin Jackson

The Chairman’s Challenge

First: Jenny Hills

Second: Chris David

Third: June Gale

Fourth: Penny Fenwick

Five: Vanessa Evans

Certificate of Merit: Jenny Hills

The President’s Cup

First: Dave Eavis

Second: Chris David

Third: Sue Cumming

The following children were awarded certificates

Hannah Pardey
Poppy Walbrin
Ella Carter
Josie Jesson
Olivia Behrens
Lexi Deacon
Isabelle Walton
Lily-Mai Gillam
Florence Brown
Natasha Perryman
Poppy Collins
Jessica Cuff
India Hart
Molly Clarke
Angel Sophie
Josie Fletcher
Lily Pullman
Archie Reid
Jake Taylor
Liam Hornby
Beth Hornby
Molly Joslin
Greg Joslin
Elly David
Toby Cooke
William Cook

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