'Country Life' magazine of Thursday 7th March 1957 recorded that on Monday 3rd December 1956, Christopher Pope of Wrackleford House was on the water meadows near the River Frome. He saw a bird with dark plumage which he took to be a Cormorant and shot it dead. On closer inspection at the Dorset County Museum it was discovered that the bird was not in fact a Cormorant but an adult male Glossy Ibis. This was the first recording of a Glossy Ibis in Dorset in the 20th Century, the previous sighting having been recorded in 1877 when four birds were shot in Poole Harbour.

'British Birds' magazine also carried the story in its 'Notes' section. I am grateful to Dr. Richard Riddington, editor of 'British Birds' magazine for his assistance with the information contained in this article. The magazine has an accompanying website Full details of the mistaken identity can be found on that website via the link HERE
Glossy Ibis