Between 2000 and 2006 Morrish Builders of Poole constructed a Public House, Village Hall and ninety-one houses in Stratton. The development was known as Saxonfield. The photos below are in no particular order and all property names read from left to right. If you have any photos that could be included here please email
  Saxon Arms Public House, Alder House, Village Hall  
  Hazel Cottages, St Mary's Church, Saxon Arms, Village Hall, Furze Lodge  
  Hazel Cottages, Furze Lodge, Eweleaze, Ashby Cottages  
  Foundations of Keates Cottages  
  Rose Cottages, Alford Cottages, The Green House, High Lynch  
  Alford Cottages, Saxon Arms beyond, The Green House   Tibbe Lodge, Horseshoe Cottage, Farriers  
  The Corner House, Woodsman Cottages, Barn Cottages, Furze Lodge,
Eweleaze, Mellair's House, Tibbe Lodge
  Mellair's House, Tibbe Lodge, Horseshoe Cottage  
  Coppin Cottages, Keates Cottages   Keates Cottages, Coppin Cottages with Ashby Cottages beyond  

Tibbe Lodge, Mellair's House, The Corner House,
Keates Cottage, Coppin Cottages

  Village Hall, Barn Cottages  
  Orchid House, Willowbed Cottages, Kingston Cottages,
Wrackle's Edge, Colleen's Lynch, Broadmeadow Cottages
  Lambourne Cottages, Kingston Cottages, Manor Barn,
Wrackle's Edge, Broadmeadow Cottages, Ryedale, Holly Lodge
  Holly Lodge, Cornebrook, Honeysuckle Cottage, Lambourne Cottages   Fairfield House, Ashby Cottages, Lambourne Cottages, Weir House  
  Coppin Cottages, Fairfield House, Lambourne Cottages, Weir House   Honeysuckle Cottages, Lambourne Cottages, Weir House
and looking east along Meadow Bottom
  Meadows End, Fishpond's Cottages   Fishpond's Cottages  
  Vilberie House, Meadow's End   Bagwell Hall, Oakleigh, Vilberie House  
  Meadow's End, Coppin Cottages, Fishpond's Cottages, Fairfield House   Bagwell Hall, Oakleigh, Vilberie House, Meadows End  
  Valleyview (footings), Meadow's End, Bellet House, Towers Lodge   Meadow's End, Vilberie House, Oakleigh, Apple Cottages, Bellet House  
  Oakleigh, Apple Cottages   Oakleigh, Bagwell Hall, Apple Cottages  
  Meadow's End, Vilberie House, Oakleigh   Yarlington, Bellet House, Meadow's End, Apple Cottages  
  Oakleigh, Apple Cottages, Bagwell Hall   Vilberie House, Oakleigh, Apple Cottages  
  Bagwell Hall   Bagwell Hall  
  Clematis Cottages, Yarlington, Oakleigh, Apple Cottages   Towers Lodge, Bellet House, Vilberie House, Oakleigh, Clematis Cottages  
  Yarlington   Yarlington, Towers Lodge  
  The Corner House, Rose Cottages, Farriers, The Sark   The Sark, Farriers  
  Bellet House, Grove House   Grove House (footings), Saxonfield Lodge, Tibbe Lodge, Melliar's House  
  Farriers   Chalkhill, Farm Cottages, Farriers  
  Burnham House, Peggy's Cottage, The Sark, Clematis Cottages, Reeve House   Clematis Cottages, Burnham House, Peggy's Cottage  
  The Sark, Peggy's Cottage   Peggy's Cottage, The Sark, Clematis Cottages  
  Peggy's Cottage, Magiston House, Slight Lodge, Chalkhill   Slight Lodge, Chalkhill, Farm Cottages, The Corner House  
  Chalkhill, Farm Cottages, Woodsman Cottages   Farm Cottages  
  Farm Cottages, Horseshoe Cottage beyond   Farm Cottages, Chalkhill, Slight Lodge  
  Slight Lodge, Chalkhill, Farm Cottages   Farm Cottages  
  Slight Lodge, Farm Cottages   Slight Lodge, Chalkhill, Farm Cottages  
  Saxonfield Lodge, Alford Cottages, High Lynch  
  High Lynch, The Corner House, Farm Cottages (crane), Saxonfield Lodge  
  Dorchester Road looking towards Slight Lodge  
  A37 & Dorchester Road, Stratton  
  Saxonfield Lodge (Morrish Showhouse)