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    Precis of Annual General Meeting held on 27th Januay 2014    
      Provided by Chris Boulton      

The Village Hall committee expressed their gratitude to those who assist us behinds the scenes keeping the facilities clean and in good order for our hirers, also to those who supported the two fund raising social events during the year, a wine tasting evening and a quiz night. Hopefully more social events will be held during the coming year to raise further funds.

During the year there was a reduction in hirings, especially from local corporate and statutory organisations and an increase in our utility costs, this left a loss of £1,547.97 in the General Account. However we have cost reductions in place, we have already reduced our telephony and internet costs, together with switching gas supplier and changing our insurance will result in significant cost savings in 2014.

To help with our recovery of hiring income, there’s an increase for new hirings from outside Stratton, commercial and statutory organisations with effect from 1st February 2014. This increase does not apply to Stratton residents or groups.

The following were elected or co-opted as committee members:

Andy Aylott (Chairman & Treasurer)
Chris Boulton (Secretary)
Maureen Putnam (Bookings)
Karen Boulton
Matt Gardiner
Tony O’Donnell
Malcolm Wilson
Penny Wilson

A Village Hall Update news sheet will shortly be distributed to all residents.