The Stratton defibrillator project aims to raise sufficient funds to provide and maintain a defibrillator in the parish, and to promote awareness of the cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) procedure amongst local residents.
In June 2018 after initial soundings were taken within the parish, a group was formed to take on the challenge of bringing the project aims about. The group took the name 'The Heart of our Community'.
Group members received advice from the South West Ambulance Service Trust (SWAST), a resuscitation officer at Dorset County Hospital, the official First Responder covering Stratton and other sources.
'The Heart of our Community' began fund-raising. The first donations to be received came from BLEST, the charitable arm of Babcock - an international engineering company - based at Bovington, and Waitrose at Poundbury after the store had included our project in its green disc 'Community Matters' scheme.
Marcus Seaton is presented with a cheque
for £250 from Kay Paynter of BLEST
Kate Seaton receives a cheque for £230 from Karen of Waitrose at Poundbury  
The group created an online 'Just Giving' account which has, to date, received £1,325 in donations from local residents and their friends. To make a donation please click on the image below.
  Donations in the form of cash and cheques have been made by local residents in support of the project.  
From August 2018 collecting boxes appeared in the parish. Fund-raising and arrangments for providing a defibrillator and CPR awareness continue.
One of 'The Heart of our Community' collecting boxes can be found on the bar in the Saxon Arms. Our photo shows bar staff member, Lydia, demonstrating what we hope lots of pub visitors will be doing with their loose change.
Parishioners and their families and friends (many living away from Stratton) continue to make donations to the fund.
In September 2018 the Stratton Summer Fayre Committee awarded the project a donation of £400. In the photo below, Iain Dalton (left) Treasurer of the Summer Fayre Committee is seen presenting a cheque to the project Chairman, Deane Parr.
Also in September 2018 Stratton Parish Council allocated £600 to the project. Our photo below shows Deane Parr receiving a cheque from the Parish Council Chairman, Andy Aylott.
In November 2018 an order was placed with SWAST for the latest model defibrillator available. It was expected to arrive with us early in 2019. Arrangements were being made for the defibrillator to be located on the external wall of Stratton Village Hall. This was the suggested site of the majority of people who took part in the survey conducted throughout the parish earlier in 2018.
During the first week of January 2019 SWAST delivered the latest-model defibrillator cabinet to us.
On 16th January 2019 - with assistance from the Stratton Village Hall Committee - the cabinet was installed on the external wall of the Village Hall and the defibrillator became operational.