There are endless miles of footpaths, bridleways and permissive paths in and around Stratton, Grimstone, Wrackleford and Ash Hill; along with a few miles of quiet minor roads and the much busier main A37 Dorchester to Yeovil road. Wherever you may be walking, take great care. Especially when crossing the A37 - although the traffic may be subject to a 50mph speed restriction, vehicles reach you far more quickly than you might imagine - and the Dorchester to Yeovil railway line. Always 'Stop, Look, Listen' before crossing the railway track. Off road, never stray from the footpaths, bridleways or permissive paths. And always follow the country code.
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  Walk 2  
  3 Miles And Only One Small Hill  
This walk starts at Stratton Village Green and sets off to the east along Dorchester Road towards Dorchester. Almost immediately, the War Memorial and St Mary's Church are passed (photo 1). Take time to read the names of the men from the parish that fell during the two World Wars. And don't miss the opportunity to step inside the Church.
  1 - St Mary's Church & Stratton War Memorial  
Continue along Dorchester Road until reaching the main A37. Head towards Dorchester along the joint pavement/cyclepath for about 100 yards where on the right you will find a gap in the hedge and a 'Public Footpath' sign (photo 2). Go through the kissing gate and cross the footbridge over the 'Wrackle' (photo 3), a winterbourne stream, into the field that forms part of the water meadows. Follow the trodden path to the far left hand corner of the field where it meets the hedgerow that is on your left.
2 - Leaving the A37 3 - Bridge Over The Wrackle
Go through the kissing gate (photo 4), and another gate on the far side of a small bridge. Follow the path to the wooden footbridge over the River Frome. The path on the far side of the bridge takes you to yet another gate and beyond that the tarmac of the lane connecting Bradford Peverell (to the left) with Muckleford (to the right). This lane is part of the Frome Valley Cycle Trail (photo 5) and National Cyclepath number 26 (photo 6).
4 - Kissing Gate 5 - Frome Valley Cycle Trail 6 - National Cycle Path
Turn right for Muckleford and follow the lane for about a mile until reaching crossroads. On the way, when the tree canopy gives way to open fields, look out for signs of the Roman Aqueduct (photo 7) that supplied Durnovaria (Dorchester) with fresh water, in the fields on the left.
  7 - Roman Aqueduct  
At the Muckleford crossroads turn right. Almost immediately you pass over the River Frome again (photo 8). Continue along the road until reaching the A37. Take great care in crossing the main road. On the north side of the A37 there is a milestone telling you that both Dorchester and Maiden Newton are four miles away - in opposite directions.
  8 - River Frome  
A little to the left (west) of the milestone is a bridleway marked by a sign. Go through the gate (photo 9) into the field and walk the short distance uphill to the brick built railway bridge (photo 10) over the line between Dorchester and Maiden Newton. Continue along what is now a track with fields either side until reaching farm buildings.
9 - North Side of A37 10 - Farm Road
At the farm buildings turn right along a short section of concreted farm road. Continue along the road, now unmade, for about a quarter of a mile. As the farm road bends to the left, cross the stile on the right (photo 11). The steps on the far side of the stile lead down to the railway track. Before crossing the railway 'Stop, Look, Listen' (photo 12). Follow the path on the far side of the track, up to another stile and beyond that, the A37 road. Take great care in crossing the main road. Turn left and follow the A37 slip road into Stratton and return to the Village Green.
11 - Steps Down To Railway Track 12 - Railway Crossing