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The Wrackleford Solar Power Proposal looks to install ground-mounted solar photovoltaic panels on an approximate 30 acres site on the Wrackleford Estate, capable of producing 4 megawatts annually; that's enough electricity to cover the needs of around 1,400 households.

The site is currently used for agricultural production. The solar power proposal would be expected to bring ecological benefits by sowing the site with a wild seed mix, creating an enhanced habitat for local wildlife and improving the biodiversity. Additional hedgerows would be planted and existing ones enhanced, providing a further boost to local wildlife.

The proposal is designed to have a minimal visual impact on local views. The site is already partially obscured and with additional hedgerows and planting, neighbouring properties, roads and footpaths would be further screened. A Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment will be carried out and consultation with neighbouring properties will be part of the planning application process.

It would take between three and four months to construct the site, which would be expected to have a life span of about thirty years. Then the site would be decommissioned and returned to its present state.

This information was obtained from the BNRG Renewables website. Further information regarding the project can be found by following this link

Google map showing site of proposed Wrackleford Solar Power Project


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Please add your view about this proposal by emailing
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Andrew Hyett via Facebook writes: "I support this idea. As time goes forward, many communities will have to consider the construction of renewable energy sources. I believe this is a viable plan for our area and will certainly be less intrusive than wind turbines."
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Theresa Brennan via Facebook writes: "I think it's a great idea."